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Case study on hair transplantation: the latte factor in humans

Larry, 24, is a part-time student in New York. He works in a local café where he mixes coffee, coffee, double coffee, non-fat coffee with milk and extra-2-Splenda mousse. Macchiatos of soy, mocha and espresso in high, large and sale sizes.

Known for his sociable personality, his ability to chat while making coffee and remembering what each customer drinks, Larry has his usual clientele who come each morning for coffee, grits or a newspaper.

Larry says, “I take care of all my customers and I try to remember what everyone is drinking: how many sugars, how many Splendas, whole milk or skim milk, decaffeinated or plain, everyone has their preferences and likes always talk to them.

One of Larry’s usual clients, Jeff, a businessman Larry has come to know, comes from time to time and works on his computer. When business slows down, Larry stops at his table to chat.

One morning, early spring, Jeff entered. He had not been there for a few months and had ordered his coffee with vanilla milk and a large, non-greasy cinnamon roll and had settled on the corner table.

By mid-morning, at the end of breakfast, Larry stopped at Jeff’s table to say hello. He immediately noticed that Jeff looked younger and younger. Something seemed different in Jeff, but he did not know what. Have you lost weight? To let his mustache grow? Do you shave the mustache? Buy colorful contacts? What?

When Larry congratulated Jeff on his new look, Jeff opened and revealed that he had redone his hair and that he had also increased the hair on the crown of his head.

Because Jeff had naturally curly hair, Larry had never noticed that Jeff was balding and his hair was moving away. But Jeff knew the truth and it bothered him because he knew it could only get worse if he did not act.

Because her hair was curly, she could hide some of her baldness and her hair loss was not so noticeable to others.

Jeff received a recommendation from his treating physician regarding hair transplant. He took a day off and made an appointment at the clinic recommended by his doctor.

Before meeting with the doctor, Jeff connected online to investigate and review other patients’ exams. He liked what he read and liked the quality of the doctor’s work from the before and after photos posted on the doctor’s website.

Before going to his office, Jeff compiled a list of questions to discuss with the doctor, as well as his expectations regarding the outcome of the procedure.

He made sure that the doctor was certified by the board of directors and that he had at least five years of experience in the field of hair transplantation.

In the end, Jeff was a good candidate for surgery because his naturally curly hair was thick and thick, and had both the quantity and quality of donor hair needed for the procedure.

As Jeff has learned, the results of hair transplantation are not all the same.

During his research, Jeff found mediocre results: patients had large scars or a scarred scalp where the grafts were placed.

An unqualified doctor can insert the transplanted hair at an unnatural angle of 90 degrees to create an unnatural appearance, or join with too much hair to give the appearance of the caps.

To create a natural-looking hairline, the hair must be implanted asymmetrically and not directly on the forehead.

Jeff opted for a follicular unit transplant, whereby the doctor implanted individual hair follicles. The doctor created Jeff’s natural-looking hair by combining single follicle micrografts with follicles containing 1 to 4 individual hairs and giving it a much needed density in the crown area.

Larry was impressed by Jeff’s natural results, the fullness of his crown, and the way his newly formed hair framed his face.

Jeff says, “My new hair cost me a month of coffee, but it’s worth it, I do not spend hours in front of the mirror obsessed with my hair, I received a lot of congratulations for my appearance, I’m more secure. “

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