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Frequently asked questions about the treatment of hair loss with mesotherapy

Hair loss can happen to anyone at any age, the cause can be multiple, such as an unhealthy imbalance or diet, stress or depression, hormonal imbalance, lifestyle and well others, whatever the reason, the problem is that it can have a very profound impact on the self-confidence of the person, who not only loses his hair, but also his attractive personality.

Mesotherapy process

The mesotherapy process is very simple. During mesotherapy, the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to intensify the hair growth process are injected directly through micro-injections into the scalp around the affected area. The treatment of hair loss by mesotherapy is very fast, in addition to any hair restoration treatment. In some cases, patients reported positive signs of hair growth after their first session of mesotherapy, although optimal results are usually expected after mesotherapy treatment after the fifth session. The length of the mesotherapy session depends entirely on the area to be treated.

Frequently asked questions about the treatment of hair loss with mesotherapy

Is mesotherapy treatment painful?

As with mesotherapy treatment, nutrients are injected into the subcutaneous fat layer and the veins or muscles are not affected, so the patient feels no pain, although few patients reported an itchy sensation or a feeling of itching. burning during and after the procedure. To relieve the burning sensation, your surgeon may give you an ointment or gel to apply to the treated area.

When can I expect results after mesotherapy?

The results of hair growth after mesotherapy may differ from one patient to another, with some patients reporting right after their first session, although the fourth expected delay in showing results after mesotherapy is the fourth . at the fifth session.

How many mesotherapy sessions and how long should I take them?

Ten to fifteen mesotherapy sessions are required to complete the hair restoration treatment. Each session of mesotherapy is carried out with an interval of one week and the duration of a session of mesotherapy can vary from 10 to 30 minutes, according to the period. area to treat for hair loss.

What are the possible side effects of mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a safe process and there is no side effect to worry about, although in some patients the treated area may be bruised. It will not last more than a week.

As a final note of this article, we will say that if you plan to recover your hair, mesotherapy is the best process available. Mesotherapy is pain free and the side effects are almost nil, but before opting for hair restoration, it would be better to consult a hair restoration expert or a surgeon specialized in hair transplantation, each patient being different and different. your needs too.

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