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The guide of the modern man for the preparation

How important is the simple appearance for a man? Well, a man can not lie to himself, very important. A dermatologist closely examines products and processes designed to bring a man closer together. and spell the A-B-C a good toilet.

Is the mirror in your bathroom a place that you approach each morning with apprehension, for fear of the story it will tell? I mean, what could your appearance do with a little cleaning?

Well, stop worrying about that grain and stop thinking about that bald head. If you really want to give it a new look (and that women do not have a monopoly on beauty!), Nothing stops you.

Let’s get down to the basics:


In dusty cities and other polluted areas, it is good to wash your hair every day. “The daily washing does not destroy the hair,” says the dermatologist. “In fact, it is hygienic and makes the headless prone to infections.”

Many men avoid shampoos because they believe they are exclusively meant to help a woman’s beauty. But, basically, the shampoo is for the hair and the hair does not have sex. Shampoos produce better foam than soap and, as the surface tension is less, facilitates the cleaning of the hair.

Conditioners break the disulfide bonds in the hair, making them easier to comb and repair. Nowadays, shampoos are available with built-in conditioners, making it a convenient cosmetic aid.

No woman likes a man with a dandruff problem. Dandruff is one of the big layoffs. But, contrary to popular thought, “dandruff is not a disease,” reports the dermatologist. “It is an acute physiological problem, that is, the skin breaks regularly under normal circumstances and if the spill is excessive, it is called dandruff.” Most commercially available dandruff shampoos remove only dead skin cells from the scalp. The exception is selenium sulphide, an ingredient that reduces turnover or cell formation, which delays the problem but does not solve it. The best advice I can follow is to keep the scalp clean by washing it every day.

A bald head – the Achilles heel of every man! Some ‘losers’ turned to minoxidil as a hair restorer. While the regular application of minoxidil causes the formation of fine hairs in the bald areas of the plague, as soon as the application stops, the hair starts to fall again. More importantly, minoxidil affects the heart and heart problems. Therefore, it should only be used under the supervision of a doctor.

Make a haircut in your local salon and, in most cases, you will receive a head massage as an added benefit (sometimes an extra salary). In fact, the massage action stimulates the blood circulation, but it is wrongly assumed (and the hairdressers assure it) that it also improves hair growth. “It’s a myth,” says the dermatologist, “because the growth and lifespan of your hair is determined by your genetic structure.” Therefore, enjoy the relaxing effects of massage by all means, but do not expect miracles to grow above the hairline.


Now for blood and tears, also known as shaving. Your grandfather probably used soap, but today it is more fashionable to use shaving creams. There are classic ones that have to be soap with a brush, and there is also the variety of spray that expands the foam at the touch of a button. Essentially, though, “the soap and water would also be,” says the dermatologist. Like shaving creams, they simply fulfill the basic requirement of softening the hair for a better shave. The only advantage of a shaving cream over soap is that it produces a thicker foam that does not drip or dry as quickly as soap.

Use a sharp blade while shaving. A blunt blade can cause irritation due to repeated rubbing on the skin. Blow with the grain and wash the shaver after shaving: a dirty razor can cause skin infections. “The fungus in the shaving areas of a man’s face almost always comes down to a razor,” says the dermatologist.

Aftershaves are a big deal. They present themselves as a lifestyle. But the main ingredient in all of them is a high concentration of ethyl alcohol. The only differences between one and the other resident

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