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Progress in hair restoration and the possibility of cloning

The 18th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) will be held at the end of next month. Doctors will participate to discuss the latest advances in hair restoration. The president of the ISHRS explained that hair loss affects 50% of men and more than 25% of women in the world. Given these numbers, it is not surprising that research on the treatment of hair loss and new developments is progressing rapidly. It seems that cloning hair for the transplant will be the next step in the future of restorative surgery.

An obstacle on the path of transplantation is the density of the donor. Without the density of healthy donors, Nicole Rogers, a dermatologist, hair transplant surgeon and clinical professor at Tulane University in New Orleans, cannot claim hair transplant surgery.

For patients who are suitable for this surgery and who suffer from male-type hair loss, finasteride, although taken with transplant treatments, reduces the number of transplants a patient needs to complete the desired treatment and treat. Viewing

The future of surgical grafting may include cloning, but the road ahead is still long. Cloning would involve the production of copied hair from a single hair. This technique would require regulatory approval.

Possible complications are problems of hair growth angle and size. It is also uncertain whether cloning would cause a skin problem or skin cancer. More research is needed before it contacts the FDA and many critics need to be addressed.

The idea has sparked debate over the years, particularly with regard to the injection of genetically modified cells into a person. The ethics of such a procedure has been questioned.

It seems advisable to exhaust the other treatments at the beginning of the hair loss and that the hair transplant should remain a later option. Taking oral medications such as Propecia is highly recommended and, if taken on time, can prevent hair loss and even recover some of the lost hair.

Hair loss is one of the most stressful things that men experience in terms of changing their bodies. Hair loss is a serious area for scientific research because any remedy is likely to be very lucrative. It is possible to purchase The Online Clinic’s only licensed hair loss treatment after an online consultation with a doctor. Propecia has a very high success rate, of the order of 90%, and has saved many lives. Propecia cannot be used by women.

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