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Suffering from hair loss? Maybe I should look at the hair restoration

For both sexes, finding solutions for hair loss can be expensive, discouraging and painful for some of you. So, what is the hair restoration? First of all, if your understanding of hair restoration is actually a treatment for hair loss, such as medical pills, do not worry, this is a very common misunderstanding. In fact, it is a surgical procedure that moves the hair follicles from donor areas (hair genetically resistant to baldness) to their slimming areas. It can also be called hair replacement or hair transplant. Some are actually one-day procedures that you can receive on an outpatient basis, requiring only local anesthesia, but the most technically advanced are more invasive. The results and lasting effects of hair restoration are a life of baldness permanently eliminated.

So, is surgery the right path for you?

Let’s start by evaluating your hair loss. Honestly, is your hair loss so bad that a last hair restoration surgery is your last option? Although these are extremely effective surgical techniques, this decision must be known lightly.

Capillary replacement surgery can be performed using various techniques:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
Hair transplant surgery by excision.
Microsurgical free flaps
Scalp Surgery – Flaps, expansion, reduction, elevations, rotations
As you can probably imagine, these surgeries are very complex, expensive and time consuming. For some, especially FUE and FUT, only a handful of surgeons have the skills, precision, and attention to perform this procedure. Surgeries may not restore the initial density of your hair before they fall, but for some, they could be extremely close!

You can now read the different procedures, see the results of the photographs and choose the operation you want, but the first thing to do is to schedule a consultation with a surgeon specialized in hair transplantation, preferably pre-selected. Surgery is not recommended for everyone. Ask them to talk about the realistic results they can expect with the operation and the whole procedure (including follow-ups).

Remember that the results differ from person to person. What may have worked well for others may not be the same for you. The success rate depends on your area of baldness and the amount of donor hair that you can provide.

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