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Top 5 answers to your problems with excessive hair loss

It is normal to lose a few strands of hair, but it’s a little different. If this continues, you are on the path to baldness. But do not be discouraged because there are a variety of causes, there is also a list of treatments that can answer them. Here are the 5 best solutions to help you combat the humbling effects of excessive hair loss.

1. stress

Stress always has a detrimental effect on our body and, when it reaches the head, it can lead to excessive hair loss and, ultimately, baldness. Whether telogen or alopecia areata Whether physical, emotional or mental stress, both types of hair loss can be the cause.

Telogen effluvium is a less serious condition in which your hair simply stops growing, while you sleep for a few months, and then fall while combing or showering. The new hair will grow on the spot after a few months. Alopecia areata is more serious because these are your white blood cells.

Although this is inevitable, you are less likely to relax. Take a breath every ounce for a moment, you can go to a spa, sleep without interruption or have a drink with friends. Whatever the light does, keep your mind away from things that stress you.

2. scheme

A bad diet is also another factor causing hair loss. If you want to grow healthy clumps, you need to have protein (fish, eggs or yogurt), iron (liver, green and dark leafy vegetables, golden grapes), sulfur (nuts, meat and vegetables) and vitamins. (Birds and meat).

3. medications

Hair regrowth can be done through medication, orally or topically. Many who have used this claim claim that they are effective, at least good brands, after repeated uses.

Rogaine and Propecia are among the most used causes. However, if you choose this option, you can keep it up to date. But many can attest that this gives them impressive growth and coverage.

4. Hairpieces

For a quick and easy solution to your hair loss problems, hairpieces can definitely hide the problem. You can choose between wigs, toupees and fabrics, and it is made of human hair or synthetic materials. Nowadays, manufacturers design their wigs to deal with the shameful incidents in which they fly. They also give them a natural look to prevent you from using one. You can make them cut your face! On the other hand, it weaves in a few hours.

5. Hair restoration procedures

For the pragmatic consumer, a hair restoration procedure is definitely the best solution for your hair loss problems. With a few thousand people, you can enjoy the permanent effects of hair revival.

During a hair transplant, your surgeon takes care of a transplant site (usually located in the back of your head), then installs it in a bald area (often the front of your head). Head). The entire process requires meticulous manipulation and its completion would take hours.

But with a good surgeon, you can achieve natural results! This would be characterized by the correct distribution and direction of the hair when implanted.

Do you want the permanent and natural results of a hair transplant? Visit the Hair and Laser Clinic today and we can provide the most reliable services with the most reliable doctor you can do in Singapore. Dr. Tyng Tan, who runs the clinic, is a certified surgeon who has completed training in advanced hair restoration. For more information and inquiries, please visit our website.

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